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SUPER TECH launches new product - SUPER TECH EFFICIENCY STAR (SES), designed for Class A energy efficient refrigerator Vacuum Insulation Panel

Across the Global Appliance Market, due to the increasing and competitive demand for energy reduction, insulation materials and technology are continuously being iterated and upgraded. With the continuous improvement of global energy efficiency standards, an inevitable trend of the industry is maximizing the energy efficiency of appliances. With this in mind, SUPER TECH launches new product:  SUPER TECH EFFICIENCY STAR (SES), designed for our Class A energy efficient refrigerator Vacuum Insulation Panel.

This will provide a strong technical foundation for the energy-saving movements in the appliance industry, as well as a take a large step towards fostering harmony between humanity and its environmental impact.





Through the usage and optimization of fiber arrangements, high performance materials, low pore fiber technology, low thermal bridge high-barrier film, high performance metal getters, as well as SES Vacuum Insulation Panels,   combined and designed for a Class A energy efficient refrigerator; we can achieve an increase of more than 20% in comprehensive heat insulation performance and anti-attenuation ability. This would not only reduce the energy consumption of the product, but also improve the volume-ratio of the refrigerator by reducing weight and overall volume.


2. Certified by EU


In our commitment to environmental protection, our product already passes EU REACH, ROHS, as well as other international certifications.




3.Comprehensive Energy Efficiency Upgrade Solution

As the global demand for energy efficient products increases, SUPER TECH’s innovative technologies and products will provide appliance brands with a comprehensive energy efficiency upgrade solution.

4. Conserving Energy and Reducing Emissions, Improving Energy Efficiency, We Are in Actions

SUPER TECH is committed to innovating in the field of vacuum insulation panel technology and product R&D.

As well as cooperating with our global partners in promoting new methods of energy conservation and reducing global emissions.