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Cold Chain Packaging

Super tech cold chain applies vacuum insulation technology, wireless GPRS temperature control service technology and PCM phase change energy storage material technology system to the cold chain packaging solutions. With rich PU-VIP combination experience, Super tech cold chain has become an important supplier of domestic biomedical cold chain logistics packaging boxes. We concentrate on providing systematic and efficient energy-saving insulation solutions for pharmaceutical, fresh, food, refrigerated trucks, refrigerated containers, cold storage and other cold chain industry.

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Types of Cold Chain Packaging

Thermal Insulated cage cart
Good thermal insulation stability, high cost performance, environmentally friendly and pollution-free. Intercity transfer "fresh food delivery". Using a combination of PU and VIP to improve...
1. Long-term insulation2. Quick to build 3. Super power savingBreakthrough in low temperature, energy saving and environmental friendly. Using vacuum insulation panels as the sandwich panels of the ...
Vacuum insulated pallet box
1.Excellent thermal insulation performance.Unique ice box fixing bracket.Can be used for multiple scenarios 2.large capacity·Easy to assemble; simple cargo loading and unloading process,easy to fold and ...
Integrated vacuum insulated box
1.Good thermal insulation stability, high cost performance, environmental protection and pollution-free2.Integrated molding, stable and durable;Surface material and PU-VIP are integrally foamed and molded...
Vacuum insulated bag
1.Food grade material Good thermal insulation performance customized Specifications 2.Portable thermal insulation and mobile delivery;Food grade material;Portable design, easy to carry;Can meet the delivery ne...
PU-VIP Insulated Containers & Shippers
High performance VIP and PU composite as insulation layer, customizable size design, excellent insulation barrier performance, various application scenarios, energy saving and environment protection: repairable and recyclable, environmental protection and pollution-free.
EPP Insulated Box
Combination of high performance VIP and EPP, Mold custom, Temperature range: optional(10~20°C, 2~8°C, -1~3°C, -15~-25°C).
Plastic Insulated Box
It is made of food grade environmentally friendly HDPP and HDPE materials and is refined through the world's most advanced rotary molding process. The bottom is equipped with a thick and wear-resistant foot pad, which is non-toxic, odorless, UV resistant, and not easy to change color. The surface is smooth, easy to clean, has good insulation effect, is not afraid of falling or touching, and can be used for a lifetime.
Fumed Silica Insulated Box
Utilizes environment protected material- fumed silica as raw material, reduces heat conduction, heat convection and heat radiation in the maximum extent, blocks heat transfer, has multi-advantages like ultra-low thermal conductivity, lightweight, non-toxic, non-pollution, non-combustible and etc. All these advantages make it to be most efficient thermal insulation material in the world.
Ice Pack
These outperform standard insulation products, ensuring top-notch thermal insulation and energy savings for cold chain transportation and storage. It's cost-effective and reusable, suitable for plane transport and mail delivery.
The Importance of Cold Chain Packaging in Pharmaceutical Industry

The Importance of Cold Chain Packaging in Pharmaceutical Industry

Based on the high efficient insulation technology of VIP, in the summer mode(35℃), Super tech's vacuum insulated box is sustainably insulated for more than 120 hours(2~8℃) while collocating PCM (phase change material). The minimum standard configuration could at least be insulated for more than 72 hours.

We apply vacuum insulation technology, wireless GPRS temperature control service technology and PCM technology in cold chain packaging solutions so as to fully protect our products and services.

Based on the Supertech parent company, who owned the world-class and complete vacuum insulation technology, Supertech Cold Chain has developed a series of cold chain insulation equipment assembled with vacuum insulation panel. Its thermal insulation and energy saving effect are better than any other common insulation product in the market and fully meeting the requirements of customers in cold chain transportation and storage areas.

The Interplay between Cold Chain Packaging and Logistics

Solution Introduction
PCM Ice Pack
Solution Introduction

Super tech cold chain provides a leading and efficient transportation solution. Including high performance vacuum insulated boxes, refrigerator cars, PU-VIP Thermal insulation layer for containers, wireless GPRS temperature record service technology, PCM Phase change energy storage material technology, they not only control temperature accurately but also reduce energy consumption and extend the heat preservation time. Make sure your samples transported in a reliable and safe environment.

Solution Advantage
PCM Ice Pack
Solution Advantage

Performance space vacuum technology from space science and technology group fifth research institute, independent intellectual property rights, can effectively protect the customer. Leading in the domestic VIP production, Supertech VIP's thermal conductivity can reach as low as 1.5 mW/m.k in bulk.

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Contact Super Tech for High-quality Thermal Insulation Products
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