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Fujian Super Tech’s Postdoctoral Research Station Successfully Approved, Setting New Heights in the Vacuum Insulation Industry

Recently, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the National Postdoctoral Management Committee announced the list of units approved to establish postdoctoral research stations for 2024. Fujian Super Tech (Fujian Super Tech Advanced Material Co., Ltd.) has successfully passed the rigorous evaluation process, earning its place as a national postdoctoral research station dedicated to vacuum insulation research.



Innovative Research Driving Industry Transformation

Since its establishment in 2007, Fujian Super Tech has been committed to technological innovation and product development in the vacuum insulation field. Over the past 17 years, the company has achieved multiple technological breakthroughs in glass fiber core materials, advanced to new heights in high-performance barrier film nanotechnology, and successfully localized getter technology, breaking foreign monopolies.


The successful establishment of the postdoctoral research station signifies that Fujian Super Tech’s capabilities in technological research and development, industry linkage, and talent aggregation have received authoritative recognition. This milestone also represents a significant step forward in the company’s talent development strategy and its efforts to promote industry-academia-research collaboration.



About the Postdoctoral Research Station

Leading economic and research capabilities within the industry, possessing research and development institutions, and having a high-level R&D team are essential criteria for establishing a postdoctoral research station. Units with a solid foundation in the transformation of research results, project development, collaborative research, and joint talent training are given priority. Approved units must pass expert evaluations and receive unanimous approval from relevant departments, including market regulation, taxation, environmental protection, and safety production.



Talent Leading the Future of Intelligent Manufacturing

The establishment of the postdoctoral research station will provide crucial support for Fujian Super Tech in attracting and nurturing high-level research talent. Through this platform, Fujian Super Tech plans to strengthen its collaboration with renowned domestic and international universities and research institutions, creating an environment that attracts top postdoctoral researchers in vacuum science, refrigeration and equipment, heat transfer, materials science, and other multidisciplinary fields. Together, they will conduct cutting-edge research in vacuum insulation, driving technological advancements and industry upgrades.



Collaborative Success for a Brighter Future

The successful application for the postdoctoral research station marks a new milestone in Fujian Super Tech’s development journey, made possible by the collective efforts of all employees and the support and trust of customers and partners. Moving forward, Fujian Super Tech will continue to increase its investment in research and development, enhance its technological innovation capabilities, and uphold the philosophy of “collaborative success.” The company aims to work hand in hand with friends from all sectors to advance the vacuum insulation materials industry.


Fujian Super Tech believes that with everyone’s concerted efforts, the company will achieve even greater success in the vacuum insulation materials field, contributing more to sustainable social development.

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