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How Vacuum Insulated Glass is Crafted

Crafting vacuum insulated glass is a meticulous process that Super Tech has perfected over its nearly two decades of deep engagement in the industry.

The Art of Assembling Vacuum Insulating Glass

At the heart of vacuum insulated glass is a dual-layered structure. Two pieces of glass are meticulously stacked in parallel, leaving a precise gap in between. Within this void, supporting materials are strategically placed at a defined distance to ensure the structural integrity of the glass unit. It's this intricate assembly that forms the foundation for the exceptional thermal and acoustic insulation capabilities of vacuum insulating glass.

The Science of Permanent Sealing in Vacuum Insulating Glass

To achieve the outstanding performance of vacuum insulated glass, permanent sealing within a high vacuum environment is essential. Super Tech employs advanced welding materials around the glass perimeter to ensure an airtight, lifelong seal. This high vacuum environment is a key contributor to the burstiness of thermal insulation that vacuum insulating glass offers.

Furthermore, Super Tech enhances the structural integrity of vacuum insulating glass by incorporating polymer sealing materials around the core welding materials. This double sealing method not only strengthens the structure but also protects the solder, ensuring the longevity of the glass unit. The absence of air extraction ports in high vacuum performance double-sealed vacuum glass is pivotal in preserving its heat and sound insulation properties.

Vacuum Insulating Glass Enhancing Performance with Low-E Coated Glass and Alloy Getter

To further improve the thermal performance and adjust the lighting characteristics of vacuum insulated glass, Super Tech incorporates Low-E (low emissivity) coated glass. Low-E glass helps to reduce heat transfer and control the amount of ultraviolet and infrared radiation that passes through, contributing to superior thermal performance.

Balancing the impact of gas penetration, both from within the glass itself and from the weld gas penetration, on the service life of vacuum insulated glass is crucial. This challenge is met by the implantation of alloy getter within the vacuum chamber. The getter efficiently absorbs any residual gas molecules within the vacuum, extending the longevity of the glass unit and maintaining its exceptional insulating properties.

In summary, crafting vacuum insulated glass is a sophisticated and precise art, exemplifying Super Tech's commitment to cutting-edge energy-efficient solutions. The dual-layered structure, permanent sealing in a high vacuum environment, use of polymer sealing materials, Low-E coated glass, and alloy getter all play a vital role in creating high-performance vacuum insulating glass. This innovation not only enhances thermal insulation but also provides sound insulation, making it an ideal choice for a range of applications in the construction industry. Super Tech's dedication to creating a brave new world with its advanced energy management technology shines through in the craftsmanship of vacuum insulated glass.