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Assembled Insulated Box

The company's assembled insulation box includes 7 types, such as Vaccine Carrier Box, PP Panel Insulated Box, Corner Protection Insulated Box, Hollow Sheet Insulated Box, Foldable Insulated Box, Logistics Turnover Box, Refrigerated Container, Refrigerated Box For Trucks & Vans; Formed insulation panels are assembled and customized to meet customer needs, making them foldable and detachable as a whole, reducing the cost of empty box recycling. Performance is twice that of pure PU, 10% increase in volume.

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The Importance of Assembled Insulated Boxes in Vaccine Distribution

The Importance of Assembled Insulated Boxes in Vaccine Distribution

Regarding Price

Under the same performance, our product has the highest cost-effectiveness. Our product is insulated for 48 to 72 hours under strict laboratory conditions of 35 ℃ constant temperature. Under these conditions, the stability of our insulation curve and service life are superior.


Our product structure design is reasonable, and the collision and drop tests meet the standards.


It is the only manufacturer in China that uses its own production and research and development of core insulation materials, vacuum insulation boards. All insulation box materials have undergone strict insulation material testing, and only after passing the testing can they be used on the insulation box, ensuring that the insulation performance meets the requirements and the temperature curve is stable.

Thermal insulation

The insulation boxes produced by our company can meet the insulation duration of over 48-240 hours, with insulation intervals of -25-15 ℃, 2-8 ℃, 15-25 ℃, and special performance. We can customize production to meet the needs of different customers.

Understanding the Design and Functionality of Insulated Delivery Boxes

Understanding the Design and Functionality of Insulated Delivery Boxes

Differences Between Super tech Cold Chain insulated Box and others.

The Cold Chain Insulated Box is passive temperature control package consist of Supertech VIP and traditional insulation material PU, EPS, EPP, which is based on thermal transfer science and material science. The insulated box is also combined with coolant and can be made as various time lasting and specifications, which pass OQ and PQ test and serve the cold chain transportation field.

FAQs of Insulated Delivery Boxes

What are the performance advantages of Super tech Company's insulation boxes?

1. Excellent insulation performance, using vacuum insulation panel as core insulated layer, the thermal conductivity is lower than 1.5mW/(m.K).

2. Low-volume, Light-weight, Impact-resistant.

3. Green Environmental-friendly Material.

4. Nice Appearance Stain-resistant, Easy to clean.

5. Built-in structure and detachable specification can be easily replaced.

6. The detachable insulated box can be easily disassembled at any time after the cold chain transportation. The high-strength light plastic box can be folded and can save a lot of transportation space.

How many types of insulation boxes do you have in total? How can I choose what I need?

You can tell us your needs and we will customize satisfactory products and solutions for you. We have developed over 30 different performance and purpose insulated boxes based on different customer needs. Proved by the practices, by using VIP as core insulation layer, the insulated box becomes very cost-effective product by applying corresponding insulated box type for different insulation interval.

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Contact Super Tech for High-quality Thermal Insulation Products
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