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Insulated Pallet Shipper

In order to solve the problem of insufficient insulation time for existing cold chain insulation boxes, and to make the structure of the cold chain insulation box suitable for palletized loading and transportation, we have launched a cold chain temperature controlled pallet box, a product that combines pallets and insulation. It is convenient for transportation, with 4-8 days of ultra long insulation and nearly 200 hours of insulation in a 2-8 degree temperature zone.                    

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Advantages of Insulated Pallet Shippers

Advantages of Insulated Pallet Shippers

Insulation Performance

The ice box inside the cold chain temperature control tray has good insulation performance, extending the battery life of the cold chain insulation.

Labor Costs

Forklift can be used to transport goods, reducing labor costs.

Transport in Large Quantities

Multiple temperature ranges can be customized, delivered in a normal temperature environment, and shipped in large quantities.

Air Cold Chain Transportation

Applied to aviation cold chain transportation/turnover transportation of biological agents, drugs, fresh food, etc.

Functions of Insulated Pallet Shippers

Functions of Insulated Pallet Shippers

Unique ice box fixing bracket

By using a special ice box fixing bracket to combine multiple ice boxes into one ice box accessory, existing ice boxes can be fully utilized to meet the "big ice box" requirements of the large box, without considering the mold opening problem of the large ice box involved in the large insulation box, and greatly facilitating the transportation and loading and unloading of the ice box in the insulation box.

Excellent insulation and barrier performance

The tray insulation box uses PU-VIP composite material as the core insulation material. After practical testing, the insulation time of 0-5 ℃ can reach 200 hours in a harsh environment with an average temperature of 35 ℃.

FAQs of Insulated Pallet Shipper

What is the size range of tray incubator? Can it be customized according to customer requirements?

Various sizes can be designed according to customer requirements, without high mold costs.

How about the load of tray incubator? How airtight is it?

The unique structural design ensures that the strength of the incubator can bear more than 800kg, and the tightness between plates can be ensured even in harsh transportation environment.

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