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Good news | Supertech New Materials Q1 Summary and March Output Reaching a New High Commendation Meeting

The new journey is magnificent. In this hopeful spring, Supertech New Materials welcomed the summary meeting for the first quarter of 2024 and the recognition meeting for the new high output value in March. The acceleration of new quality productivity, leveraging the development engine of the vacuum industry, stirred up the "spring wave" of development in fields such as home appliances, construction, and cold chain, and unleashed new and strong strength.

Leader's words


On April 2, 2024, at the commendation meeting, Yan Langji, General Manager of Supertech New Materials, on behalf of the company's management, warmly congratulated the company on achieving a new high in output value and breaking history again in March, and expressed sincere gratitude to all colleagues for their hard work. Mr. Yan stated that in the face of challenges, only by adhering to beliefs and making decisive decisions can we brave the wind and waves and climb to the summit. The brilliant achievements of the company stem from the close cohesion and seamless collaboration of the team, and are also inseparable from the firm execution and responsibility of the employees.


In the journey of sprinting production value, the company overcame difficulties and not only improved the quality of employees, but also improved various systems to ensure production is as efficient and smooth as flowing clouds. The leadership strategizes and provides strong resource support for the team, while the execution ability of management cadres is the key to the company's success. The success of breaking through history and reaching a new high in monthly output value in March is the best interpretation of teamwork and execution.


Looking ahead to April, it is necessary to continue to stabilize the output value of vacuum insulation panel production, optimize production mode, overcome difficulties, and rectify warehousing. Each department should continue to maintain the high momentum of struggle in March, summarize experiences, actively learn from each other's strengths and weaknesses, ensure efficient and stable production, closely focus on output targets, and improve economic benefits. At the same time, we will not forget about employee rest, equipment maintenance, and safety protection, laying a solid foundation for the long-term development of the company, and working together to create a more brilliant tomorrow!

Set speed, shining stars


Looking at the industry, Supertech New Materials has undoubtedly maintained rapid development and achieved a new high in output value, standing out from the crowd.

However, "accelerating progress" cannot fully summarize the joyful and growing, heartbreaking and moving March of Supertech New Materials. On the back of the speed, there is also the production line's commitment to quality and service, the leadership team's pursuit of breadth and depth of management, the continuous support of each team for output value breakthroughs, and the continuous improvement of customer service experience by all Supertech New Materials. The sealing, folding, and packing of vacuum insulation panels... No matter what kind of impressive data breakthrough, it is all created by the partners of the Superech New Materials team, and each force has its weight! At the commendation ceremony, elites gathered and the Milky Way shone brightly, including the Star of Dedication, the Star of Guarantee, the Star of Inheritance, the Star of Collaboration, the Star of Newcomer, the Star of Retirement, the Star of Execution, the Star of Dedication, and the Star of Team.

Star of Dedication

Carrying two burdens on one shoulder, bravely overcoming difficulties and striving for the first place

Racing against time, using sweat to fight fiercely

Star of Protection

The tightness of a screw

The persistence of a drop of sweat

The most inconspicuous point of focus amidst trivial and complicated matters

Exactly the cornerstone of ensuring production speed, safety, and quality


Collaboration Star Award

Customer trust in Saite New Materials 

The important topic is collaboration

Folding, packaging, and punching capacity

Carrying the heavy responsibility of product quality

Understand collaboration, respond quickly, and communicate effectively

Escort the efficient operation of each process


New Star Award

New partners and new forces

Grow vigorously under the industrial chain system of Saite New Materials

Grow vigorously under the industrial chain system of Supertech New Materials

Achieved impressive results against the trend


Lao Ji Fu Li Award

Along the way, they have relied on their hard work style and excellent skills

Contribute to the company's vacuum insulation business and cutting-edge development technology


Executive Star Award

To see the truth through practical operations amidst complexity

Review and demonstrate skills in subtle areas

Strive for practical results in the long future

Dedication Star Award

Practical people always rely on honest labor,

Realizing a leap in one's own value,

Entering a new stage of development.

Team Star Award

Adhere to long-term principles, do difficult but correct things, and build a community with a shared future,

Strengthening the New Track of Vacuum Insulation Material Market

Only in spring can we reap the fruits of autumn, and only through hard work can we reap the harvest. Supertech New Materials never disappoints the promises made to those who strive, and never hesitates to praise those who strive. Supertech people, full of enthusiasm and dedication, have fulfilled their responsibilities and united to make achievements in the vast world. They are also writing a magnificent new chapter for the development of the vacuum insulation industry